HelloAR VertShader Error

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asked Sep 13, 2019 by walterf25 (120 points)
Hello all, i'm new to EasyAR and i have managed to compile and run the HelloAR example, unfortunately it doesn't seem to work properly.

The app does not crash and I don't see any obvious errors in the Logs, however i can hear the camera opening but I don't see the preview on the screen, all I see is a black screen and going through the Logs I was able to spot the following log.

vertshader error:

this seems to be coming from the BGRenderer class, there is no error description after the vertshader error: line

Has anyone experienced this issue, i am easy EasyAR 3.1 SDK and i'm running the example on my Samsung Galaxy S10+ running on Android 9.0.

Any help or hints on what to look for and how to resolve this issue will be  greatly appreciated.

Thanks all


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