Apple Appstore Warning submitting App with EasyAR 3.0.1 + Unity3D - Deprecated API Usage UIWebView

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asked Sep 3, 2019 by juvelez (910 points)

I just submit my first app with EasyAR 3.0.1, and I receved the following warning:

ITMS-90809: Deprecated API Usage - Apple will stop accepting submissions of apps that use UIWebView APIs. See for more information.

I wonder if EasyAR uses that API, because I've already discard Unity verifying all of the packages used, and the only one that could use that API is Unity Ads that is not used at all.

Can you confirm if this API is used in EasyAR 3.0.1?

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answered Sep 4, 2019 by techvisionnaire (150 points)
I'm having the same issue, the build itself gets uploaded and can be used.

I'm also just using standard Unity + EasyAR so I'm pretty sure it's EasyAR 3 (another project with EasyAR 2 and same unity & XCode version has no issue)
commented Sep 4, 2019 by juvelez (910 points)
Is just a warning for now, but it's going to be mandatory pretty soon, I think EasyAR must remove all of the reference to this API, if there are, and must update the use of WWW class that has been deprecated by Unity3D and it could be a possible cause of this warning. I used the last unity release where this deprecation was aware and removed.
commented Sep 4, 2019 by techvisionnaire (150 points)
IDK, that specific class is actually used to render web components, not to download or anything else, so, I don't really know what's going on.
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answered Sep 6, 2019 by salmanandsofia (140 points)
hi, did you found the solution? i have same problem too and i cant upload my .ipa. thanks
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answered Oct 28, 2019 by newyellow2 (140 points)

The problem seems cause by UnityAds, not EasyAR3 according to this post:

So I guess remove Ads in package manager and it will be fine.

commented Feb 6, 2020 by 72pixels (300 points)
I don't have any unity ads in my project, but still showing that warning.
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