Invalid key issue

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asked Aug 13, 2019 by danidiazr (380 points)

I'm having a problem. I got a message "Invalid key", I'm sure I have the same package name in unity and in the sdk authorization. I copied the key from the sdk authorization too. In iOS it works, but in Android it doesn't. Both OS have the same package name.

Everything was alright until I switched platform back to Android. I'm using Unity 2019.2 and EasyAR SDK 3

What's happening?


1 Answer

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answered Aug 14, 2019 by ideasfarm (520 points)
I'm having the same problem for several clients in my production app. The app works for most of the devices, but about 5% of the users (from about 10.000 users) already reported a black screen with the invalid key message. This is unacceptable and really hard to debug since it works on all of the company's devices.
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