EasyAR Cloud UnityWebrequest not return any response and process stuck at there,

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asked Aug 13, 2019 by jalajshah (230 points)

i am using EasyAR Version : 3.0.1-final-r238a6316e  , EasyARCloud demo ,

Just add a simple script to instantiate object runtime when target detects and pass URL on that object script and call web request, but not getting any response and nothing happen.

I tried this script in a different scene and work perfect as aspected, but not working in EasyAR Cloud scene,

here is my instantiate code ..

var cube = Instantiate(Resources.Load("HelloAR_ImageTarget_Cloud/prefabs/AudioPlayer", typeof(GameObject)) as GameObject);
cube.GetComponent<AudioClipHandler>().url = data.contentURL;
 cube.transform.parent = go.transform;

and here is my web request call on instantiate an object

    public void StartAudio()
        Debug.Log("URL Set By CloudRecognize : " + url);


    private IEnumerator GetAudio(string url)
        Debug.Log("Start Call URL and Load AUdio ");

        using (UnityWebRequest www = UnityWebRequestMultimedia.GetAudioClip(url, AudioType.MPEG))
            yield return www.SendWebRequest();

            if (www.isNetworkError)
                AudioClip myClip = DownloadHandlerAudioClip.GetContent(www);
                source = GetComponent<AudioSource>();
                source.clip = myClip;
                if (source.clip != null)
                    source.playOnAwake = true;


But stuck after Web request not getting a response.

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