Custom Camera not working for RGBA8888 PixelFormat in Unity

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asked Aug 12, 2019 by stacktheheap (130 points)
When I create a custom camera with the RGBA8888 pixel format none of my Image Targets are being tracked but the video is being displayed perfectly. I am using Unity's WebCamTexture to stream from a camera and then on each frame the webcamtexture is updated I use Graphics.CopyTexture to copy the webcamtexture data into a Texture2D and than copying it's bytes using GetRawTextureData into a byte array and then creating an easyar buffer using Buffer.wrapByteArray. If I first convert the webcamtexture into an OpenCV mat (using the OpenCVForUnity package) and then gettings it's byte array and passing it into a InputFrameSink using the BGRA8888 pixel format everything works perfect but this affect FPS. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated :)

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answered Mar 24 by marcoc97 (150 points)

Hello, I'm facing the same problem, did you finally manage to solve this problem?

Thanks, I got epson moveria's image to a canvas if you need some help (BT35E - Using serenegiant's plugin)

I hope you're all fine

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