HelloAR Colouring 3D image tracked event

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asked Aug 11 by sketchalive (300 points)

Firstly thanks for developing this amazing component - it is of great use to get started in AR and a great alternative to Vuforia.

I need to know when the whole image has been identified in the camera view so that I can switch to static mode automatically (so the colouring is no longer dynamically updated).  This is possible with Vuforia.  At the moment the OnTracking event will fire even when only part of the image is detected which results in an incomplete texture being applied to the model,  Is there any way to make sure the whole image has been recognised or to get a feature detection percentage/threshold returned? I really hope there might be some way to alter the detection threshold to ensure the whole image is in view first, otherwise I won't be able to use the component for my AR project.

Many thanks

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answered Aug 13 by sketchalive (300 points)
Does anyone have any suggestions here?  The solution needs to be able to detect when the whole image is in view without any user input - imagine a webcam which the user holds a picture in front of which will apply the ar colouring to the model without having to manually observe the full image is available.  A more complex version could involve checking 4 corner qr codes are available but that seems overkill as Vuforia already does this without.

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