easyar 3.0.1 API imagehorizontalflip how to use.

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answered Aug 6 by zhangpengar (2,740 points)
You can pass manualHorizontalFlip=true in CameraParameters.imageProjection

If you'd like tracked targets to be flipped, you need to pass manualHorizontalFlip=true in CameraParameters.projection, too. You may also need to adjust culling options of your virtual content to render it properly.

imageHorizontalFlip is for manual calculation of the projection matrix.
commented Aug 6 by asamurai (120 points)
There's not easy way like easyar2.3? (one check box at unity inspector)
commented Aug 6 by zhangpengar (2,740 points)
We have planned to add a sample for camera switching and flipping scheduled in EasyAR 4.0. One or two check boxes may be added to Unity inspector.
commented Aug 6 by asamurai (120 points)
ok! thanks very much. keep awesome work!
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