Throws an error at startup, does not activate the object

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asked Aug 3, 2019 by artixpro (160 points)
404 Not Found
<LoadImageTarget>d__18:MoveNext() (at Assets/EasyAR/Scripts/ImageTargetController.cs:110)
ImageTargetController:Start() (at Assets/EasyAR/Scripts/ImageTargetController.cs:75)

2 Answers

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answered Aug 3, 2019 by rlmidiaalvs (2,440 points)

I had the same problem. What OS do you use? Check your folder/project permission. I solved altering my project to another disk.
commented Aug 3, 2019 by artixpro (160 points)
I use Mac Os
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answered Aug 5, 2019 by emanuel (390 points)
Unity can't find the image that you've written at "TargerPath".

If you're using the type option "StreamingAssets" just write the image's name e.g. "Image.png".

If you're using the "Absote" option you may paste the same url in Windows Explorer (I don't know if Finder has the same option) to check if the url is working properly.

Also, you may change the "ImageTargetBehaviour" to use a Sprite or UnityWebRequest instead of WWW.
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