Getting invalid signiture while hitting delete api for image target...

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asked Aug 1, 2019 by caglobal (190 points)

Bellow is my final Url for delete Api Aug 01 14:48:27 GMT+05:30 2019&signature=dd507294b17b33cfeac34b1f4dea3ae8b5a39549c0166f0c4170c5ff54443653

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answered Aug 2, 2019 by zhnagjian (10,740 points)
commented Dec 18, 2019 by publisherstoolbox (150 points)
This is a terrible answer to a useful question!
The documentation for delete does not explain what the format of the date request parameter should be (

Furthermore, why would you use timestamp in the body when doing a post but date as request parameter when doing a delete... really confusing.

Please answer the question!!!
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