Require Easy AR 3.0 Unity Documentation

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asked Jul 24 by dharm11gohil (230 points)

Currently, I am using EasyAR 2.3.

How do I build AR app using EasyAR 3.0 unity package? 

As I want to build an AR app with a new version however I tried EasyAR 3.0 unity package and I noticed. AR camera is missing or I failed to find it. 

Kindly assist me for the same.

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answered Jul 25 by mavc18 (160 points)
i got same problem :(
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answered Jul 25 by rlmidiaalvs (450 points)


This is the documentation of EasyAR 3.0.

commented 2 days ago by vinigamedev (120 points)
it doesn't cover as much as 2.0. I noticed the structure in unity's hierarchy has changed. I have been using 2.x versions, and I downloaded 3.0. After setting all up (key, etc) even the sample doesn't work
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