Error in opening OBJ file in unity3D.

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asked Jul 20, 2019 by chetandabhi (160 points)
edited Jul 22, 2019 by chetandabhi
I have to use EasyAR with unity3d to detect 3D Object Tracking. In EasyAR example of 3d  object tracking work properly but when I have to replace object and run generate an error. any solution to solve this?

- [EasyAR]Error: Error in opening OBJ file: file://Assets/StreamingAssets/Bricks/bricks.obj

easyar.EasyARBehaviour:<GlobalInitialization>m__0(LogLevel, String) (at Assets/EasyAR/Scripts/EasyARBehaviour.cs:66)

- [EasyAR]Error: invalid trackable 26:

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answered Jul 22, 2019 by zhangpengar (3,060 points)
There are some restrictions for OBJ files. Please refer to
commented Jul 26, 2019 by chetandabhi (160 points)
Thanks for replay,
     I have done all specific requirement for the 3d model. but still, error getting please help me how can I achieve object tracking feature.
commented Mar 8, 2020 by stanislav (110 points)
I have the same error. Apparently the path associated with StreamingAssets is not created correctly
commented Mar 9, 2020 by zhangpengar (3,060 points)
It seems that the path is in a Unity resource format, which is not supported by EasyAR Sense. Please convert it to a raw path for the corresponding operating system.
If it's inside a zip file, please save it to a temporary file and load the temporary file.
commented Mar 9, 2020 by zhangpengar (3,060 points)
You can also load the files to a BufferDictionary and call ObjectTarget.createFromParameters( to create target.
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