is Easy AR Supports AR Portal, if it supports how ??

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asked Jul 18, 2019 by ramuchilla (750 points)
is Easy AR Supports  AR Portal, if it supports how could you share any links or demo videos to understand?

please could anyone knows let me know

Here is the functionality what I'm looking

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answered Jul 19, 2019 by zhnagjian (11,130 points)
EasyAR doesn't support the feature in the video.
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answered Aug 12, 2019 by juvelez (910 points)
Hi, this Portal Effect is not a AR engine functionality, it's an effect that can be achieved just with Unity Shaders and it works with any of the AR engines out there.

It's done enclosing your entire scene in a hollowed box, that box must use a Matte/Mask Shader to "hide" everything it's behind it. That shader is quite simple to do:

You can download the one made by Qualcomm(Vuforia):

I use this shader to do the deep hole on the number 10 in the center of this scene:
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