Combine 2 Composites and Display Output

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asked May 18, 2018 by dracty (120 points)

We create below two samples using your composites,
2- EasyAR_ImageTracker-1-MultiTarget

Then i create another project and combine above two into one project..

But Now below problem is occure,
1 - Scanning QR code done. QR code is display,we also set some other image target besides QR Code. so when that target image is seen them Cube is not display / camera is becoming like cube, some times cube is up / down as i change my hands image and then if i remove image from camera then camera becoming tiny to size of the cube..

Can you please reply us as soon as possible..
We are waiting for your reply back..

-Thanks in advance
Dhruv Rathod

1 Answer

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answered May 22, 2018 by albert52 (31,850 points)
Can you record test video to us? This will help you solve your problem.
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