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asked Jul 12, 2019 by spaceagent (1,290 points)
Do you consider uploading the EasyAR 3.0 SDK to GitHub or a similar platform? If you released the SDK as open source, an active repository will be very good for the SDK and the community. People will help to further develop and fix bugs in the SDK.

I am intereseted mostly on the EasyAR 3.0 SDK for Unity, but different repositories for each platform will be very nice.

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answered Jul 15, 2019 by zhangpengar (3,060 points)
We have discussed this and feel positive.
All our samples will be hosted on GitHub after 4.0 final release later this year. We'd like to improve the quality of the unity plugin before hosting it on GitHub.
commented Aug 6, 2019 by timreality (120 points)
"to improve the quality of the unity plugin"
It is very big task )) optimization and caching is not using now. Like in Utility.GetScreenRotation() - creating and disposing 10 AndroidJavaClass per frame is terrible,  GC called every 5-10 frames.
commented Aug 6, 2019 by zhangpengar (3,060 points)
Thank you for your comment. We were not aware of the problem you mentioned and I'd like to add it to our schedule.
I have heard about the problematic Unity Boehm GC which forces people to do memory allocation optimization. I think it will still be there for a long time, as mentioned by Unity's blog.
We will do profiling and try to minimize object allocation per frame.
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