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asked Jul 11 by renaud (340 points)
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It is unclear whether surface tracking is a capability included in the free version. I have been trying to test the SurfaceTracking scene included in the free basic EasyAR3.0 Unity package but I don't understand how to make it work? Has anyone suceeded in making it work?

At the present time, I'm just running the application on PC in the Unity Editor...

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answered Jul 12 by zhangpengar (2,740 points)
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Surface Tracking is mobile-only as it depends on accelerator and gyroscope. It only runs on Android/iOS.
commented Jul 12 by renaud (340 points)
Thanks for your answer. Can you confirm that it will not work on a Windows tablet (which does have a gyro and accelerator)?
commented Jul 12 by zhangpengar (2,740 points)
It doesn't work on a Windows tablet with accelerator and gyroscope now (ex. a Surface device).
We may add support for them later.
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answered Nov 15 by moaz0004 (190 points)
Hey, how did it work for you can you share any video. Because it doesn't work on my device. I can just rotate the floating cube. There is no surface detection.
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