What is ImageTarget.createFromImageFile Android hframeters description ?

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asked Jul 11 by kvantum (380 points)
My brain is blowed up: EasyAR released release 3.0, but didn’t publish it's reference.

What is the purpose of the parameters in the method

public static native ImageTarget createFromImageFile (@Nonnull String var0, int var1, @Nonnull String var2, @Nonnull String var3, @Nonnull String var4, float var5);

Please help !!!

1 Answer

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answered Jul 11 by zhnagjian (10,380 points)


English documention has not been released yet, you can fefer to the chinese  documention https://www.easyar.cn/doc/EasyAR%20SDK/API%20Reference/3.0/ImageTarget.html#createfromimagefile

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