Android : How can I load targets from JSON string EasyAR 3.0 ?

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asked Jul 10 by kvantum (380 points)
Please give me some example - there is no documentation on EasyAR 3.0 version

2 Answers

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answered Jul 10 by zhnagjian (10,380 points)

The feature of loading targets from Json string has been deleted. You can import from files or import using ImageTarget.createFromImageFile.

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answered Jul 15 by kenn (4,580 points)
Documentation is on the way.

As for the interface of loading targets from json string, it was removed. The old interface is most useful when you use code generated target configuration, but it was not necessary for us to provide the json string decoding. We remove the interface is because you can always do the same thing (define and encode/decode json structure) in your code very simply, or use a different structure (like xml or something else) to record target information. Instead, we now provide an interface <ImageTarget.createFromParameters> that takes all necessary parameters for one target, so that you can combine your own target description with this interface to load one or more targets.
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