EasyAR HelloAR_Coloring3D does not work on Android 8 / Motorola M6

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asked Jul 8, 2019 by sketchalive (310 points)

I ran the example and it worked ok from the webcam but when I ran on my phone (Motorola M6 / Android 8), the texture does not get applied properly.  You can see other parts of the camera are copied on to the model and it is upside down etc.  I really need this functionality, do you have any workaround?


1 Answer

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answered Jul 10, 2019 by ag3OlbMfIwtXAlq (480 points)
Maybe the graphics API needs to be set to OpenGLES2.0
commented Jul 10, 2019 by sketchalive (310 points)
I found this does work but only if you don't change the orientation of the device after the app starts.  Anyone know a good approach for re-initialising once the orientation is changed?
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