UNITY SDK 3 - Can not see Image Targets

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asked Jul 7, 2019 by derbyquad (270 points)
Hi. Great to see the release of EASY AR 3. I've downloaded the UNITY Package and looked at the demos, but struggling to understand how to see my choosen image target in the scene. It detects it on play but I can't see it in scene to align 3D content etc?

I can see in the demo that there is a cube with a material of the image target, but how do you know how big to make that? I think I'm missing a step or two.

Any help would be appreciated.

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answered Jul 7, 2019 by derbyquad (270 points)
From a bit of trial and error, I've managed to align a plane with a material matching my image target, but I had to do this by eye while in play mode. I copied the transform details and pasted on the plane when in edit mode. I can now use this as a guide, but this seems messy. There must be an easier way?
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answered Jul 9, 2019 by jiayin (540 points)
I'm facing the same issue to.

Besides that, when I launch the camera, I can' see my model on the screen before it switches to the live camera.
commented Jul 10, 2019 by ag3OlbMfIwtXAlq (480 points)
You maby can set the "3d Quad" with  width and height of image, The default width of image target is 1, height of image target you can set '1 * height/width'. so '3d Quad' transform scale should be (1,1 * height/width, 1 ),
commented Sep 29, 2019 by mixx85 (1,000 points)
this is not a solution to the problem, this is not a convenient temporary fix. In version 2.3, the target simply had a plane. Why did you do so that it is not convenient to use? to switch to other ar SDK? This is not mentioning that there is no support for aab
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answered Nov 19, 2019 by kenn (18,750 points)
Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience brought by the missing feature.

We will add image target gizmo in the new version, which will be far better than the way (an auto mesh) we did in version 2.3.

Alternatively, I know it's not a good enough option, you can write your own code to make it happen since the EasyAR Unity Plugin is open sourced and is independent from the SDK itself.
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