Facing problem using ar cloud in unity3d

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asked May 15, 2018 by amitbagada (120 points)

i have download helloarcloud unity3d sample also create my cloud database.i also add the keys in my project but when i start my scene it does not show my object after tracking an image from can you pls take look on these and i also didnot find any documentation for integration of ar could in unity.

2 Answers

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answered Aug 29, 2018 by artag123 (250 points)
the metadata can only contain a url or some text file, you can use this url to add stuff or augmentations to your project, for example, to display a 3D object, you should use a .obj parser, as unity cannot create 3D objects at runtime unless you use asset bundles, and for that the asset bundle must be built inside the unity editor itself and then uploaded. I would recommend you have a .txt file with just the url of the .obj and its texture, save the contents of the url to a text file in your application persistent path, then run the .obj parser to generate a mesh at runtime. As for running videos, just use unity's videoplayer  with audio source to play from url or use easy Ar's prefab to achieve the same.
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