Does EasyAR uses OpenCV internally?

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asked May 13, 2018 by ngc6543 (1,670 points)


I posted a question about the 'Camera dropped Frame!' message on console log before.

At first I thought this was a hardware issue, but it keeps occuring and my app is not able to detect markers anymore.

But reloading tha scene fixes the issue temporarily, but soon it no longer detects markers again.(about 10 minutes later)

So I do a google search about this issue, and found out that the same message was occured from the OpenCV.

I do use custom OpenCV library on Unity (OpenCVForUnity), but all it does is perspective transformation, Undistortion, etc. It does not control the webcam. And the same project implemented with Vuforia before didn't throw this message.

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answered May 13, 2018 by albert52 (31,850 points)
EasyAR SDK for internal use of opencv algorithm and libraries
commented May 13, 2018 by ngc6543 (1,670 points)
Well, I don't quite understand what you've said. Does that mean the EasyAR SDK(for Unity) internally uses OpenCV algorithms and libraries of its own?

My target device is standalone (macOS) so EasyAR would be the best option I have.
But unfortunately the SDK fails at retrieving webcam feed after about 10 minutes.

I created an empty scene with EasyAR components only(EasyARBehaviour, CameraDeviceBehaviour, ARCameraBehaviour, etc). At first it runs fine, but after about 10 minutes the camera stops. The webcam is not getting new frame anymore.
commented May 16, 2018 by albert52 (31,850 points)
Please send the specific log information.
commented May 17, 2018 by ngc6543 (1,670 points)
There isn't quite a specific infos other than "Camera dropped frame!" message.
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answered May 18, 2018 by m3night (930 points)
Hi ngc,

Is it possible to send me OpenCVForUnity library ?

I can't find it anywhere , at least for free ...

My emails address is:


commented May 18, 2018 by ngc6543 (1,670 points)
l’m afraid that won’t be possible. The asset is a paid version.
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