HelloAR Video not showing

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asked Jun 20, 2019 by heaven1 (130 points)
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get the EasyAR SDK HelloAR Video to work and configured everything properly(i think) all the examples work (3D cubes and image target works) but when I track an image and a video is played on top of the Image Target; I see only a black texture but the sound of the video plays,

Any hints? I tried with Unity 2019.1 and 2018.2.4f1 as a guide suggested

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answered Jun 23, 2019 by zhnagjian (11,140 points)
EasyAR SDK 2.3.0 does not support playback on unity 2018+. It is recommended that you either choose unity2017 or use the video playback function that comes with Unity.
commented Jul 1, 2019 by ersultanbek (540 points)
Can i ask you, when will be release of SDK 3? Because our company already need support of arm64 in unity with il2cpp? Or it will be better to choose vuforia?
commented Jul 1, 2019 by zhnagjian (11,140 points)
This week will be released
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answered Jun 23, 2019 by zhnagjian (11,140 points)
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