unity URL video player doesn't work inside EasyAR Camera view scene with Google Pixel 1.

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asked Jun 11, 2019 by polaris007 (120 points)
I used latest EasyAR 2.3.0 and unity 2018.4.0f1 video player without any 3rd party plugins.

Of course I used all Unity versions but unity url video player is still not working for google pixel 1 inside your EasyAR Camera tracking.

I am looking forward to your next EasyAR version to solve this issue.

here is what I got stuck:

foreach (UnityEngine.Video.VideoPlayer each in GameObject.FindObjectsOfType<UnityEngine.Video.VideoPlayer>())
            each.source = UnityEngine.Video.VideoSource.Url;
            each.url = item.overlay_path;
            each.GetComponent<Renderer>().enabled = false;

And Delegate Callback

 void HandlePrepareCompleted(VideoPlayer video)
        Debug.Log("Prepare Completed: " + video.url);


It was working on all other devices exception of google pixel 1.

Please let me know when you update your EasyAR SDK.



1 Answer

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answered Jun 13, 2019 by zhnagjian (11,080 points)
Ok, we will test it and will give you an answer after the test.
commented Jun 13, 2019 by polaris007 (120 points)
Hi zhangjian, thanks for your reply.  you can download the test unity project file and target image here:


you can check issues directly inside the unity 2018.4.0f1 LTS with source files.

commented Jun 13, 2019 by zhnagjian (11,080 points)
Mobile phone version of Android?
commented Jun 13, 2019 by polaris007 (120 points)
Android 9.0,  Google Pixel 1

thanks for asking
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