unity URL video player doesn't work inside EasyAR Camera view scene with Google Pixel 1.

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asked 6 days ago by polaris007 (120 points)
I used latest EasyAR 2.3.0 and unity 2018.4.0f1 video player without any 3rd party plugins.

Of course I used all Unity versions but unity url video player is still not working for google pixel 1 inside your EasyAR Camera tracking.

I am looking forward to your next EasyAR version to solve this issue.

here is what I got stuck:

foreach (UnityEngine.Video.VideoPlayer each in GameObject.FindObjectsOfType<UnityEngine.Video.VideoPlayer>())
            each.source = UnityEngine.Video.VideoSource.Url;
            each.url = item.overlay_path;
            each.GetComponent<Renderer>().enabled = false;

And Delegate Callback

 void HandlePrepareCompleted(VideoPlayer video)
        Debug.Log("Prepare Completed: " + video.url);


It was working on all other devices exception of google pixel 1.

Please let me know when you update your EasyAR SDK.



1 Answer

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answered 4 days ago by zhnagjian (6,600 points)
Ok, we will test it and will give you an answer after the test.
commented 4 days ago by polaris007 (120 points)
Hi zhangjian, thanks for your reply.  you can download the test unity project file and target image here:


you can check issues directly inside the unity 2018.4.0f1 LTS with source files.

commented 4 days ago by zhnagjian (6,600 points)
Mobile phone version of Android?
commented 4 days ago by polaris007 (120 points)
Android 9.0,  Google Pixel 1

thanks for asking
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