How to use SLAM to improve Image Tracking?

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asked May 29, 2019 by taitex (240 points)
I am using your Image Tracking feature to lock the Unity world coordinate system onto an exact location in the real world as identified by an Image that is being tracked. All of the Unity3d world coordinate must be positioned on this Image center.

Can enabling SLAM allow Image tracking to have less jitters?

Can enabling SLAM extending the tracking past where is the image is visible to the camera but still in the locally SLAMed scene?

Your SLAM demo does lock onto something in the Scene but does not show how to lock onto a previously found Image Target.

I have been playing with this a lot and can not see how to make this work? Please help.

Under your help for ARSceneTrackerBaseBehaviour, you say “tracker when the user points to their desired position would be a better choice, which makes the tracker initialize the target location to the place user points.”  But how specifically do you initialize the SceneTracker to the location of the ImageTracker?

I really appreciate your help in using this feature.

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answered Jul 10, 2020 by easyarguxin (960 points)



  • Demonstrate how to use motion tracking and image tracking together
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