Is there a way to access the current camera frame in Unity?

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asked Apr 23, 2018 by ngc6543 (1,670 points)
Hi, I'm trying to access the camera frame when an image target is recognized. I thought the CameraDeviceBehaviour would expose a Texture2D or IntPtr for the native Texture, but could not find any. I'm not trying to record the screen content into a video, just trying to capture the camera's image frame at a certain moment. Is this not possible?

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answered Apr 23, 2018 by albert52 (31,850 points)
selected Apr 24, 2018 by ngc6543
commented Apr 23, 2018 by ngc6543 (1,670 points)
Hey, thanks for the quick reply.
I tried to get the current frame by adding an event listener to `ARCameraBehaviour.FrameUpdate`.

void EasyARCam_FrameUpdate(ARCameraBaseBehaviour arg1, Frame arg2)


Debug.Log("Frame Format : " + arg2.Images[0].Format);

Debug.Log("Frame update : " + arg2.Images[0].Width + "x" + arg2.Images[0].Height);

crntFrameImage = arg2.Images[0];
if (capturedTex.width != crntFrameImage.Width)

  capturedTex = new Texture2D(crntFrameImage.Width, crntFrameImage.Height);


The Frame format was BGR888, and the Image.Width, Height were as expected. But the above code doesn’t get images. `capturedTex` is expected to have 1280x720 image, but instead it has 8x8 red ‘question mark` instead. Is Capturing from FrameUpdate is for PRO-only feature??
commented Apr 24, 2018 by ngc6543 (1,670 points)
Never mind. I got it working. Thanks anyway!
commented Apr 24, 2018 by albert52 (31,850 points)
You're welcome
commented Jul 3, 2019 by emanuel (390 points)
How did you make it work?
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