Creating augmented reality mobile application for puzzle game

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asked Apr 19, 2018 by nveselov (140 points)
Dear Sir,

we need to develop AR mobile application (using SDK for Unity) for puzzle game. We have a puzzle, consisting of a set of pieces and containing a picture when all pieces are correctly placed together. We want the application to play the video when the puzzle picture is correctly restored from the pieces.

Also, we do not want the video to be played when some pieces are absent or not placed into correct places.

We checked the sample TargetOnTheFly from Unity SDK and came to the following conclusion. If the puzzle picture is set as a target for recognition, application is finding target beginning from the threshold of 50% of puzzle pieces are correctly set. Is it possible to somehow change this threshold, may be in library configuration or anywhere using API to at least 80-90%? Could you, kindly suggest anything, related to our development task?

Kind regards,

Nikolay Veselov.

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