Native Android SDK tutorial

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asked Apr 3, 2018 by nicolasmedina (120 points)
Hi is there any native android tutorial out there? I need to implement ar into a proycet i'm working on and can't afford to change to unity, ive found the native android examples but i dont seem to understand how to implement the sdk into my proyect, this sdk seems to be very powerfull, and one of the best choises, but as I said i didn't found any topic on how to use it natively, just with unity.

Please any help would be appreciated.

PS: sorry if something is written wrong, english is not my native language

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answered Apr 4, 2018 by albert52 (31,850 points)
Native development needs to use OpenGL to render the model. EasyAR (Android) English course is in production,
commented Apr 4, 2018 by nicolasmedina (120 points)
is there a chinese  guide? i could use google translate, I saw that in another question somebody linked to a chinese guide that was in the process of translation
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