Load 3D OBJ file, using 3D Object Tracking, but not for 3D Object Tracking.

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asked Mar 23, 2018 by derzuomaia (1,190 points)
I'm running the HelloARQRCode sample for Android, I wanna to show a custom 3D model over a marker, if possible, loaded from an OBJ file. At the HelloARQRCode sample is shown a 3D cube/rectangle and Its vertices are set manually at the BoxRenderer class.

I saw that the EasyAR SDK Pro can load 3D targes from OBJ files for 3D object tracking (https://www.easyar.com/doc/EasyAR%20SDK/Guides/EasyAR-3D-Object-Tracking.html). So it has an OBJ parser internally. Can this OBJ parser be used not only for 3D Object Tracking? Can it be used to load a 3D model that will be shown over a 2D marker? How can I do that?

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answered Sep 6, 2018 by valentinarambulo (280 points)

Hi  derzuomaia, did you have any luck with this?

commented Sep 8, 2018 by derzuomaia (1,190 points)
Hi Valentina,

No luck. I solved the problem by using another approach. I'm getting a parsing method to read the OBJ and draw the points.
commented Sep 23, 2018 by valentinarambulo (280 points)
Hi, i found this: https://github.com/YamilMarques/ARTests
but i dont know how work with materials and lights

also a found this: https://github.com/paconcas/EasyAR-JPCT
but works with Easyar v1.3.1 only

If you have a code that can help please share, thanks
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answered Sep 21, 2018 by theo76 (210 points)

Can you share your method to load obj files or a sample ?

I'm also trying to load a 3d model instead of this gl box renderer.

commented Jun 7, 2019 by anushree (120 points)
Have you got the solution??
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