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asked Mar 16, 2018 by danielng21 (160 points)

I am a complete noob in C# and Unity, and I would like to use EasyAR in Unity 3D. I hope somebody over here can help out. I would like to make an AR app with the following scene/flow:-

  1. Login

  2. Menu and AR Scene loaded in correspondence with the marker and User can choose objects to appear on target.

  3. Summary of name of items (string or assets) selected from the menu - and history stored in both user device DB and server DB

  4. AR scene - User can play with the 3D objects (if the selected item is a 3D object) in AR within 1 hour with image target cloud recognition correspondence to the QR scanning result.

Only in scene 4, the user can manipulate the 3D objects like zoom in and zoom out, add filter like smoke or rainbow, and screen capture to be share in social media.

After an hour, scene 4 shall not be accessible and clear from the cache unless user going through step 2 again.

My main question is: Can EasyAR provide multiple cloud recognition service keys with only one license key? Since I would like to only download and load the 3D objects and canvas in correspondence with the image target. 

Is there any samples reference that I can start with?

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answered Mar 22, 2018 by albert52 (31,850 points)

1 cloud database --  1 license

You can refer to HelloAR and HelloARCloud. (

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