Zxing and EasyAR

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asked Mar 20, 2019 by rlmidiaalvs (2,440 points)
It's possible to use zxing and EasyAR? I need to get color32 from the camera, but i can't. I need a BARcode and QR code reader to my app. Any solution? Thanks!

1 Answer

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answered Mar 20, 2019 by sops0218 (140 points)
Use HelloARQRCode in easyar examples.
commented Sep 2, 2019 by permanaaditya (130 points)
how to use in EasyAR 3.0.1 unity? HelloARQRCode in easyar example not available
commented Sep 17, 2019 by soporte (110 points)
And therefore the main topic... how to read a QR code using EasyAR v3.0.1? Dealing with the same situation.
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