How to render text when image target gets tracked?

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asked Mar 9, 2018 by amangrover (260 points)
Right now the HelloAR demo app renders a cube onto the image target when it is tracked. What I want to achieve is to render some dynamic text on the image target (2D text).

P.S. I am working on native android java code and not unity.

1 Answer

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answered Mar 9, 2018 by albert52 (31,850 points)
You can use opengl to render image, text, or model.
commented Mar 9, 2018 by amangrover (260 points)
that's the problem, I have tried rendering text using TextAtlas in opengl, it is very time consuming and I don't have much knowledge working on OpenGL
commented Nov 16, 2019 by acemicromatics (110 points)
Have you solved this @amangrover? Please help me too
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