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asked Mar 10, 2019 by gio987654321 (120 points)
Hello EasyAR Team
what about webGl export with Unity .?
I ve seen just one question about this export ...
I ve made a little demo with easy AR for client . exe and apk exporting are totally ok .

but my client told me a HTML5 export . ive tried but nothing working with  a big failed .

we wrote in a thread there is a way to exporting in WebGl for mobile phone  with some examples? But i don"t find it ..

i find this WEBGL feature will be very vey great . an APK from  google store installation is so boring....

Can you light me about this point .?

By advance many thanks i wait your  answer with impatience

meanwhile thank you for your great job !


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answered Mar 11, 2019 by zhnagjian (11,130 points)

According to the content you provided, I understood that you want to use WebGL. In fact, EasyAR only use opengles when building camera. If you need to use WebGL, you can remove our camera and build a camera yourself with WebGL. In near future, EasyAR will delete the part of rending. So what rendering engine to use depends mainly on the user.

Best wishes!
commented Mar 15, 2019 by gio987654321 (120 points)
Many thanks for your feedback .
 is there a possibility to have a very simple exemple with this  WEBGl Camera ?
I ve tried but no success.  Its very important for me . thank you
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answered Mar 14, 2022 by kenn (18,750 points)

For those who come into this thread looking for Unity WebGL support, the answer is "YES and NO", if you are coming for "EasyAR" instead of "EasyAR Sense" or "EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin" or some other specific feature(s).

EasyAR has quite broad products from pure native SDKs and Unity plugins to cloud services. And there are quite a lot of different features in every product. You can always use cloud services in (Unity) Web(GL), but you have to use them like using any other cloud service you may see in the world.

We have also added some description/classification in the latest documents for the EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin: https://help.easyar.com/EasyAR%20Sense%20Unity%20Plugin/latest/GettingStarted/Platform-Requirements.html#webgl

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