Cloud Initialization takes long time

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asked Mar 4, 2019 by markushaegele (120 points)
I am using Unity 2018.3.0f2 and EasyAR Cloud. In some cases when I start the application the cloud initializing takes a long time. Sometimes I have to wait about 30-60 second till it starts.

Please could you recommend me a way to make Cloud initialization faster?

Thank you in advance for answer!

1 Answer

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answered Mar 4, 2019 by zhnagjian (11,130 points)

Always have to wait so long? First, it is recommended that you choose a rich texture recognition map and ensure that your network environment is normal.

Thank you!
commented Mar 5, 2019 by markushaegele (120 points)
Thank you for quick answer.
No, not always, rather rarely. We are checking if it depends on iPhone/Smartphone model. Btw. Is it even possible that Cloud start could depend on device?
commented Mar 6, 2019 by zhnagjian (11,130 points)
I think it may be the texture of your recognition map and the situation of the network.
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