Unity scene loading time optimization

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asked Feb 6, 2018 by tanutapi (180 points)
Hi, I have about 50 image targets in AR scene. Each image target has it own 3D model. Now it take a lot of time for loading in Mid-End android device (~45 seconds). How could I optimize my app to load faster?

Will reducing the image dimension help faster loading time?


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answered Feb 9, 2018 by m3night (930 points)

"Will reducing the image dimension help faster loading time?"

yes, high resolution images will impact load time drastically.

Also easyar uses image dimension if u do not specify image target size in your app so more image dimension should increase load time.

By the way you should test yourself to notice the difference.
commented Feb 9, 2018 by tanutapi (180 points)
What is the unit of ImageTarget Size? Is it Pixel or Real-World dimension of target (mm/cm/inch/m)?
commented Feb 10, 2018 by m3night (930 points)
I'm just copying this from easyar doc:
"The size of ImageTarget is set in json which will be loaded in the Load/LoadImage/LoadJsonFile/LoadJsonString method or calculated from image resolution automatically if not provided."

I believe it's centimeter.
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