Detecting pattern/code and get information

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asked Feb 5, 2018 by bgiacomo (120 points)
Dear all,

I need to find an AR library to implement the following functionality:

- The app should be able to detect a QRCode or anything similar to it (of course using the camera) and read information through it. Ex: imagine to be in a big conference hall with small rooms. Each room has a QR code printed on the door. Using the smartphone and pointing the QR code with the camera you must receive information such as room number, lecturer etc etc.

Is EasyAR the right framework to do this?

Thanks in advance,


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answered Feb 5, 2018 by raptor (170 points)
Of course, it's possible with Easy AR.

But maybe I would look for something more compact - parsing QR codes doesn't require AR engine at all.
There are lots of smaller libraries that provide QR code-reading functionalities, practically for every popular mobile platform (because I don't know which one do you need).
commented Feb 5, 2018 by bgiacomo (120 points)
Thank you a lot for helping me
commented Feb 16, 2018 by amangrover (260 points)
Hello, I need the AR ability and the barcode/qrcode scanner with the same camera. Since the HelloARQRCode scans the QR codes, how can I make it scan Barcodes too?
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