CRS API - call to /similar. Needs some explanation.

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asked Sep 29 by jestergamedev (120 points)

Hello EasyAR.
I love your platform, thanks for your work.
I'm trying out some Cloud Recognition and was testing out the /similar/ API but i really need some explanations about the interpretations of the output parameters.

In particular these ones.

"detectableDistinctiveness": 3,
"detectableFeatureCount": 4,
"trackableDistinctiveness": 3,
"detectableFeatureDistribution": 3,
"trackableFeatureCount": 4,
"detectableRate": 4,
"trackableFeatureDistribution": 3,
"trackablePatchContrast": 0,
"grade": "4",
"trackablePatchAmbiguity": 1,
"trackableRate": 2,

Are these parameter based on a 1-10 scale, where in the spectrum of the image recognition domain they place.
In short, how do i interpret these results.

Thanks again.


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answered Oct 6 by sondra96s (140 points)

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