Failed to load EasyAR.dll one or more of its dependencies could not be loaded on Unity (EasyAR 3.0)

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asked Jul 19, 2019 by dahmjaeger (150 points)

Hi, I'm trying to set up a new Unity project with EasyAR 3.0. I input the key (3.x) in the EasyARKey.asset, but when I click on play it won't run. When I check the Console it says that it could not load some dependencies of the EasyAR.dll (I'm using the 64bit version /Assets/Plugins/x64/bin/EasyAR.dll). It will run in a Windows Desktop device 64bits.

Error: Plugins: Failed to load 'Assets/Plugins/x64/bin/EasyAR.dll' because one or more of its dependencies could not be loaded.

I have another unity project with EasyAR 2.X and it runs perfectly.

Thank you, you have done a great job!

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answered Jul 22, 2019 by zhangpengar (3,060 points)
What's your version of Windows?

Normally, EasyAR 3.0 on Windows relies only relies on kernel32.dll, ole32.dll, MFPlat.DLL, MF.dll, MFReadWrite.dll, WS2_32.dll, IPHLPAPI.dll, all in C:\Windows\System32. Could you check your System32 directory to see if any of them is missing?
commented Jul 22, 2019 by dahmjaeger (150 points)
Hi! Thank you for your answer.

So I checked and I don't have MFPlat.dll, MF.dll and MFReadWrite.dll. I will try to find a way to fix it and then will comment it, or if you could help me it will be awesome.

I'm currently running on Windows 10 Pro N (1903) 64-bits, OS Build 18362.239. I installed the N version of Windows 10 which doesn't have some multimedia elements like Windows Media Player, Skype, and other things. But later I installed the Media Feature Pack.

Thank you!
commented Jul 23, 2019 by zhangpengar (3,060 points)
We use Media Foundation for camera feed.
The Microsoft page says that Media Feature Pack contains Media Foundation.
Have you installed the most recent media feature pack?
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