Why are my image targets not being tracked simultaneously?

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asked Nov 28 by codexor (140 points)

I'm working in Unity with multi-target tracking. I've tried both single tracker method with simultaneous target number set to 3 and multi-tracker method with 3 image trackers with simultaneous target number set to 1. When I run the tracker in the Editor, iOS or Android device it seems that the tracker can always only track one marker at a time even when the camera sees all three markers.

My company is trying to use Easy AR as a replacement for Vuforia but so far with this issue we are not able to move forward with the replacement. I'm currently working with the trial version of Easy AR Pro v 2.1.0. If we could solve this issue we could definitely have Easy AR as our main AR engine of choice for development.

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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