How Many Instagram Posts Is Optimal For Success?

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asked Sep 19 by dorthyjuarez (120 points)
Can anyone please tell me how many Instagram posts should I be sharing per day for success?

1 Answer

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answered Sep 19 by digital-mansi (380 points)

Your interaction levels, the time of day you publish, the number of followers you have, and your general goals for using the platform all affect how many Instagram posts per day you should be sharing.

But generally speaking, experts concur that starting with 1-2 Instagram posts each day is a smart idea.

Of course, depending on your particular circumstances, you might need to change this. For instance, if your company is well-known and has a significant following, you might be able to post more frequently than someone who is just getting started. You can contact a digital marketing consultant to get more guidance regarding social media strategies suitable for your business. 

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