OpenGL native plug-in error : caused by Lightweight Render Pipeline

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asked Mar 27 by ngc6543 (1,280 points)


I tried to use EasyAR for Unity with a project that is using Lightweight Render Pipeline, but it didn't work.

When the LWRP is set on the Project Settings>Graphics>Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings and played,

EasyAR gives only black screen and the console is flooded with

OPENGL NATIVE PLUG-IN ERROR: GL_INVALID_FRAMEBUFFER_OPERATION: Framebuffer is not complete or incompatible with command

So I can't use the LWRP.

It looks like the plugin is incompatible to the Scriptable Render Pipeline.

Are there any users experiencing this issue as well?

1 Answer

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answered Mar 27 by ngc6543 (1,280 points)
Unity2019.1.0b9 with LWRP 5.10.0 doesn't throw this issue and the plugin works.

But the RenderCamera pointing at Reality Plane doesn't adjust its Field  of View on Start.

I'll have to manually update the fov myself.

If anyone having issue using LWRP on Unity2018.x, try unity2019 and see if that helps.
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